Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement

2 visits in the same year.

Begin your Preventative Maintenance Agreement TODAY!

  1. Improved efficiency and prolonged equipment life.
  2. Agreement is transferrable.
  3. Helps prevent costly breakdowns.
  4. 10% discount on parts for repairs found during inspections or service calls.

checklist-greenMaintenance Agreement Inspection Checklist

  • Check electrical connections and safety controls.
  • Check voltage and amperage on compressor and motor.
  • Check all motors, oil, and adjust v-belts as needed.
  • Check starting and running components.
  • Calibrate thermostat and low voltage wiring.
  • Check defrost cycle and reversing valve operation.
  • Lubricate all moving parts where necessary.
  • Clean condenser coil.
  • Check and clean¬†condensate drains.
  • Clean blower wheel.
  • Add Anti-Algae tablets to condensate pan.
  • Check refrigerant level.
  • Check air flow and temperature.
  • Supply a written report of systems current condition upon completion of maintenance.